Friday, February 18, 2011

Surrogacy Diaries...

Surrogacy. Some know I am doing it, others are just finding out. There are so many reasons why this is a good fit for me, and I have wanted to do this for a LONG time. Sometimes I get odd looks when I mention it. Or people ignore if they think I am doing this to be "different".
It bothers me how close-minded people can be to this subject. And I wonder why it makes people uncomfortable and seem to squirm in their own skin when I tell them what I am about to do and how excited I am.

Dont get me wrong...I have plenty of supporters, but boy, do people sure get squirmy when I mention this. Some people think that it is wrong from a biblical standpoint. well then, I challenge them to site a verse in the bible (in the correct context) that tells me so.

(silence from their end...)


If anything, I view this as something that will bring me closer to God, and my spiritual path. What a deeply emotional and amazing miraculous thing. I am beyond ecstatic to do this for someone, who YEARNS to become a loving and devoted parent.

Then there are others who have no idea where they stand on the subject. All I can say is, research! If you spend some time looking into it, you will realize that it isnt some strange phenomenon...its a REAL process and there are medication regimens contracts and doctors involved! Maybe its too much technology for some? my opinion. If God didnt want certain diseases or cancers to be cured, he never would have guided the hands of doctors OR the people that created technology in the first place!
I feel like this is God's way of allowing a couple a child that they may otherwise never have had...and he wanted them to walk (and me to walk) this journey for a reason.

So after that little rant. I want yall to know (whoever may be reading this) that this is becoming SUCH a fulfilling idea for me. I know when it is a reality it will be even more so. Im not doing this for attention. Im not doing this to "rebel" (some of the older generation's opinion). I am doing this for the intended parents (IP) and ME. My family (Tyler) are VERY supportive and especially Tyler is beyond thrilled to embark on this pregnancy bit yet again. We simply LOVE being pregnant! but dont LOVE the newborn-ness! haha! People are always saying "When Blake is a toddler, you will miss these times" Sure- I enjoyed moments as they came, but i am RELIEVED he is a toddler LOL!!! The older he gets the more I love him (if thats possible) and the more fun I have as a mom!

I finally got all the estimates (for the birth etc) to the agency this morning. One more check off my to-do list :D

peace and good weekends