Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Surrogacy Diaries 13: 2nd Transfer, Results, Now What?

Well I am feeling out of the writing mood lately so sorry for the scant posts. I just wanted to update yall. I did have my second FET (frozen embryo transfer) with another 5 day blastocyst hatchling. It was average quality maybe on the down side of average. Yes only one. I had my beta and i am NOT pregnant. AGAIN. It is so frustrating. I am trying to help a couple here, and always conceived easily. but IVF is a whole nother ball game. To me, I feel horrible for all the people who are going through ivf for themselves, b/c it doesnt even work for fertile women half the time! (and i do NOT mean that in an offensive way...more an empathetic/sympathetic one).

In my case so far they said it was likely the embryos, even though they PGD them and they were "normal". They do have one more male embryo left. But it makes me wonder, do they transfer the best first, worst last? Cuz if that is the case, how would the last one even stand a chance if the first two didnt make it??

I just started my period today. (stopped meds on sunday). My IF has a meeting with the clinic next week about what they think should happen. and if he should continue using me (which would suprise me if they dont since everything on my end looked right where they wanted it). I have made peace with either decision really. If they decide to try one more time with me i will be more than happy to do that for my now friends :) But if they dont, there will be no hard feelings and I will be matched (according to my agency) with another couple in hopes that im more compatible with their embryos. I have also begun to consider traditional surrogacy for the future. One in which I would inseminate myself with the IFs sperm, and my egg would be used. yes, it would be genetically connected to me. however, the baby is being created FOR the IPs and its place would be in their loving home. Of course I would allow the child to come looking for me if they had any health questions someday etc. but its just an option.

First thing is first. lets see how the meeting pans out next week. depending on the content of that situation, I will update you then, even if its a little paragraph letting you know whether or not i am continuing with these same intended parents. so long for now!! In a few days (black friday??) I will possibly be doing a post on how you can get some cool free stuff and cash. just a little something i do as a stay at home mom to bring in some extra $$

Thanks for readin!