Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Surrogacy Diaries 9. My FET Timeline/Protocol, Monitoring, Injection, AF, What's to come...

I am going to note my timeline in the beginning of each post, so that people may compare...however I must warn you that each person/clinic is different, and sometimes, aside from their varying protocols, they also adjust medications and timeframes with how your body reacts.

So here it is thus far. Our (my IP's) (ivf) FET (Frozen Embryo Transfer) Timeline and/or Protocol (with our specific clinic in NYC:

TERMS: LMP- last menstrual period ; CD- cycle day ; IVF- in vitro fertilization ; FET- frozen embryo transfer ; AF- "aunt flo" or PERIOD lol

LMP/CD1- Wed July 20th

CD 10 Ultrasound/labs- Frid July 29th

Ovulation CD16/17- Thurs/Fri Aug 4th/5th

Labs CD 20 -Aug 8th

One Time Lupron Depot shot, given to self in thigh, CD 21- August 9th

Start Estrace one, 2mg pill, once a day starting CD23- Aug 11th

AF happened! 8-15-11 (this is the cycle we are doing the FET in!! YIPPEEE)

Ultrasound/labs CD10- Wed August 24th (scheduled)

So since that ultrasound, I had blood work 10 days later...Those results were great, so they instructed me to give myself the lupron injection they mailed to me (which i had to go to my old apartment to get lol) so I did on tuesday evening (9th) and I was allowed to give it to myself in my thigh...i know some ppl are gonna get on my case about it but my Dr said it was cool, so thats what i did! My lupron was pre-mixed, and I had a 1.75 inch needle. i believe it was 23guage. I will link a video of me giving myself the injection here:


I sounded kinda mean to Tyler, but he yelled LIZ! and so I was like what?? lol....and then he said he was going to pass out or vomit and so i was like uhhh get to the toilet lol! He doesnt do well with needles. 

So then two days later I began taking Estrace (hormone estrogen) 2mg, once a day. This seems different from a lot of people, but they did say my estrogen was a good number already so maybe this is why? Plus I started taking it sooner than a lot of people do. They also mailed the progesterone suppositories, which are in our refridgerator lol. They dont HAVE to be refridgerated, but it helps keep them together better. I did call to see if its okay to have them be room temp for a while, because I have a trip in a week and I dont want to deal with ice packs and TSA and such. They did say it was fine, as long as it isnt warm.

So all this past weekend I have been cramping, and last night I got my period (cd 25 :/) but they said this is totally fine. It is not light ... just a normal period. I am feeling super tired from it but I always do. So next week, on wed the 24th, I go for my ultrasound/bloodwork (cd10) and see where we are at and we can get a better understanding of when we will have the transfer...most likely a week or two from then. They said AROUND sept 5th. I do not know just yet when I am to start the progesterone suppositories, but like i said, i will know more next wed or thurs.

Also I was told they have two frozen, male(yes they were PGD'd) blasts. Do not know about quality. I think they will transfer both. WISH MY IPs LUCK!!! give em a break, mother nature! :)

That is PRETTY MUCH it I believe. I know yall just love my lack of punctuation, but with my laziness, and carpal tunnel (when i type a lot like this) id rather just do as little as possible....this coming from an english honors student LOL.

So we are truckin along!!

I would say the transfer will be in around 2.5-3 weeks give or take a few days.