Monday, October 24, 2011

Surrogacy Diaries 12...The 1st Transfer, and Updates :o)

Well since I am a procrastinator by nature, I made my blogging ten times harder for myself today lol.

So after my transfer almost 2 months ago, I went home, rested, but mostly went on as normal. I obsessed about the results to the point it made me not sleep. I tested multiple times every day, and every evap line became a line, and even others saw them. But the fact of the matter was, I was not pregnant. I knew 7dp5dt in the morning when i tested with a first response and didnt even get an evaporation line. My clinic also does beta levels 7dp 5 day transfers. so I KNEW....but it didnt soften the blow when the coordinator from the clinic called and said "Elizabeth, I am sorry to say you are not pregnant. Please stop all Medications and in about a week you will likely start bleeding and we can begin the process for the next transfer IF the IPs want to do so"

IF? Oh man...what if they are mad at me? I took all medications PERFECTLY, and got pregnant the first try both times, what does this mean? what did i do??

I felt so guilty.

I waited, and that evening i got a text from my IF saying : I heard the results, lets keep the faith and try again. I dried my tears and felt much better. Extremely bummed to say the least. That was a Thursday. It did not take me a week to start a period. it took two days. Saturday after my beta I began my period, and to my suprise, although I had tons more cramps than a regular cycle for me, I had a medium to med-light period which last 4 to 5 days. I found this odd, as my lining was over ten for the transfer, and usually my periods are much heavier than that. but it didnt matter. the following week I was sent to NYC to have a hysteroscopy. This is where they go in for a visual of the uterus and take a small biopsy to make sure everything is still good, and d/c anything out that needs to come out if necessary. I went, they put me under, and woke up 20 minutes later. Everything was perfect and normal. I felt fine, with minimal cramping but took some pain injection they gave me anyway, so i could relax...which was a bad idea cuz i felt nauseated for about 3-4 hours. my friend that came with me on the overnight trip made sure we got lunch and the same day as my procedure we got on the train to head home. i layed around a lot for the next day or so just feeling "off".

After all this it was time to get an ultrasound a week later (CD26?). My lining was a ten again, the tech told me i had a perfect reproductive system lol.. and the following morning i took my lupron depot injection. this time it hurt (i did it in my thigh, and it was the regular kind, not pre-mixed by the clinic and a much bigger needle than last time as well) but i gave it to myself again just cuz i like knowing that i can do that :P. I got my period the following day. This time it was extremely heavy for about 4 days then 3 day medium to light. on day 4 of my cycle (2-3 days later...) I began estrogen 2mg 2X daily. Still on that dosage for now.

I talk about my hormone side effects in this video

Now I wait til this friday the 28th (which will be 14 days after my lupron injection) for a 10AM ultrasound and pregesterone and estrogen blood levels. Friday afternoon I should have a better idea of when the transfer is, but if my body cooperates its looking like the second week of November. just 2 short weeks away!!! I am a little stressed about finding someone to stay with the boys overnight for two nights since tyler works nights that week. I am looking for someone now though, so i dont have to worry. I am really hoping this transfer is it, and the little one wants to stick around :o)

Thanks so much for reading my blog :) I will update here as well as youtube soon!! If you are interested in adding me on facebook, my name is Liz Seibert, from PA. if i recognize you from youtube or whatever, ill add you :o)

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