Saturday, May 14, 2011

Surrogacy Diaries...6 GREAT NEWS!

So I was feeling really discouraged last time we talked ;)

But I finally have the news I was waiting for...and its awesome!! It feels so good to finally have good news. I do have *some* negative thoughts in my head though, which I will share later on in this passage. So I have been waiting and waiting and WAITING to hear from my agency, telling me whether I have been approved or declined to move forward with the clinic they had in mind...that they "knew" would accept me.

I FINALLY got the email I had been waiting for. "good news" it was entitled, and when seeing it paired with my lawyers email name, I felt my heart thud. This is what Ive been waiting so anxiously for for WEEKS!!! The ONE day I didn't check my email for hours lol. Above it, there was an email from the agency coordinator entitled "good news" as well. I opened the one from my trusted lawyer first. It explained how I have been approved as a surrogate to move forward with the testing process with this clinic. I was elated!!! I then opened the message from My coordinator saying that he was thrilled to get to work with me and that I have been matched with C-the IF...and his wife....WAIT WHAT??

I wasn't matched yet....I mean I knew they wanted to match me to this couple but I wasnt aware that it was official nor did I ever phone-meet with I was a little confused...I emailed the name with a question mark...They said OH! meet C...and his wife (who apparently doesnt speak english so he does most of the surrogacy related stuff) A chinese couple, who are going to use an egg donor and the IF's sperm, and do PGD (Preimplantation Genetic Diagnosis) to get boy baby(s). I was sent the profile, and told that we are going to be matched unless of course we find something we completely disagree on. I have to admit, I really liked their profile, and all their preferences. I didnt really mind the PGD thing, although a touchy topic for some. 

They said that a phone conference call would be made to make sure the IP's and I are on the same page, and answer any questions about eachother we may have, and to decide officially if we want to work with eachother or not. based on our basic beliefs and opinions however, so far it looks like a yes. 

So I am excited as you may have gathered :o) ... there is one thing I am a little worried about though, but I cant make an accurate assumption until IVE experienced it. The clinic, which I googled, has almost nothing but negative reviews...the chief reasons being, it is chaotic, they can be unorganized-going as far as missing womens' ovulation times sometimes, for not returning calls and explaining consistently what the next steps are. I prolly read the same things in reviews 30 times. and only found 2 reviews that were positive. So now I am not sure what to think, although like i said, i will be anxious to check it out for myself, and form my own opinion. I think having an agency will help too, because if it is as the reviews describe, I will need someone whose got my back and can push them to call me or whatever :o)

So yeah! thats my good news :o) And I should be hearing back from the clinic soon on when and where to get labs drawn (bloodwork) to begin the testing phase!!! :o) then the next phase would be medications, and the transfer following! YIPPEEEEEE :D


  1. I feel like it is extremely selfish of the couple to only want boys. If they want a baby so bad the gender shouldn't matter.They should feel extremely blessed about getting such a precious gift. How sad :( I think there would be far more thankful parents to surrogate for.It would be far more rewarding to surrogate for a family who aches to have a child from the bottom of their hearts to the tips of their fingertips. Someone who would give anything for a healthy baby whether it be a boy or girl.

  2. I think it is unfair that you would assume the reasons for them choosing to have males is only superficial. They may have a genetic disorder in their family that only comes out in girls...OR they may be doing PGD for other reasons and to insure embryo quality (ie, not using ones with defects) and b/c they CAN they choose the gender. Just letting you know that although i dont know their reasons for conducting PGD, I also dont feel its my business. and I am more than happy to help this couple!

  3. Good for you for standing your ground Liz, PGD is the choice of the parent... and actually in china ( it used to be like this anyways ) if you had a first born child and it was a girl because of the population they would have the child taken from the family... boys were allowed to stay and girls were not. So if it is still the same now as it was so long ago then if they move back to china that maybe part of the reason for wanting a boy other than that if they want a boy first and then have a girl next who says they cant make their own choice about that? its their lives