Thursday, June 9, 2011

Surrogacy Diaries...7 Testing, Testing, Testing

Alright!!! We are finally starting to get the ball rolling!! Last week was 15 tubes of blood drawn, a urine test, and reviewing the first copy of the contract. This week, I got to speak with my IPs, and today Tyler and I had a phone consult with a psychologist to profile us as to whether or not we are fit for this process.

Speaking with my IPs went better than imagined, and was never once awkward. My IF, "C" was very talkative and outgoing. He made it clear that he wanted nothing but the best for me while I was pregnant. He joked that if I needed something moved, instead of heavy lifting, he would drive down and do it for me haha. His Chinese accent was noticeable, but I thought it was cute! My IM showed up from work early so I got to speak with her a bit as well, although she has a little less english experience than "C" she tried as best she could. They were just so sweet! I kept thinking in my head "awww" haha. At one point we decided that we should all meet possibly before the transfer, and IM said "yah, we can stay for a few...months..?" and I hesitated a little until I realized she meant hours during the day , and we all decided to do a meetup soon with lunch and maybe a day at the park to relax.

Then today we had a phone call from the psychologist scheduled for noon. we were getting ready to leave the house and i had initially missed the call....I forgot it was Thursday already!! I immediately called her back and we talked on the way to my grandparents, even though our small old car is fairly noisy and I had to repeat myself several times. Then my phone died 20 minutes into it but we luckily reached our destination in time for me to call back and finish it off. DESPITE THAT haha, we had a GREAT phone consult. She asked for both of us to share our family history, places or born/raising etc. How close we were with our families, what they thought, how we both felt, if we had any reservations. Stuff like that. But when I felt weird with one of my answers, she said "no. not weird...just sounds like a great surrogate mother to me." which I am not gonna lie, it made me feel good :) I know i havent done anything yet, but it was encouraging :)

She was so friendly and pleasant and I almost enjoyed talking about the things she asked. It was fun! I swear, people probably think I am nuts for how excited I am to be questioned by these ppl, and get my body poked and prodded, and take meds. The whole process is just so amazing and fascinating, that I am just soaking up every minute. I know it prolly wont always be this smooth or easy...but let me tell you, I am enjoying the ride :o)

Waiting to hear what the next step is, since everytime i ask what it will be, they say something i have already taken care of. my lawyer said she was shocked at how on top of things i am, and that its making it so much easier on everyone....i agree! it is making things less stressful for me, when i just knock things off the list!

Talk soon! :)

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