Friday, July 29, 2011

Surrogacy Diaries 8...Testing, CD10 Baseline Ultrasound, and Monitoring

Oky dokie.

Been a while! How YOU doinnn?

Anyways, I will try and start where I left off. After a few more paperworks/faxes, Tyler's infectious disease blood testing (which was fine), I finally got my period on July 20th 2011. This is where the fun begins!! I was told to not start a new pack of birth control (in turn, my period was slightly longer, but ah well). I was informed that the egg donor's retrieval was the following monday, and that the friday following that, I was to have an ultrasound, and bloodwork. The ultrasound was to measure everything and anatomy of my baby factory. And to check my lining (Cycle Day 10-which wouldnt be too much at that point but for a baseline for them to see what they are working with). The bloodwork was one tube to check my estrogen and progesterone which were right where they should be.

I went in for the ultrasound, pretty hurried of course, and gave her the orders which had both the bloodwork and ultrasound on them, and they did all of that right there. I was escorted back to the US room, and laid down (with an extremely full bladder, mind you) and she checked the top of my uterus and everything else she could see. she then had me empty my bladder and come back and undress for the transvaginal us. she put it in and started checking off the different views of my uterus, asked me questions, and told me that everything looked perfect and that i have a "beautiful baby factory" lol....oh and she was preggo. She said to me as she was finishing up, that my lining was 4mm which is good for my cycle day, (its in range for cd10) and told me that they have surros come in at least twice a week. this somewhat surprised me, being the conservative amish community we live in. I got my one tube drawn and left.

I later called my clinic, to which they returned my call. She said that everything looks great and that i will ovulate next week, and i will then have bloodwork the following week to confirm i ovulated, then they will send me a lupron depo shot (to stop my natural cycle, and to stop ovulations after this one). I think i might take this one in particular to a local nurse to give it to me, only b/c its a "big needle" as she put it, and its intramuscular. the rest i will be fine with. she also said we will likely then have an ultrasound again, and probably put me on estrogen pills to make me extra fluffy hahaha. but seriously.

Then I asked her when my transfer will be approx. she said well right now i can definitely say it will be sometime (and probably in the beginning or middle) of september 2011. Which is what i expected for an answer. I also asked her if that was the only time i would be going to their NYC clinic instead of doing things local. She said no, that i would be coming up there once before sometime in the next couple weeks so they can meet me, and check me out and do some follow up on me, so they can get an idea of my body, and what they will be working with also.

I cant express how excited i am to do this. I emailed my IPs (my IF in particular- he knows more english) and asked how the egg donor's retrieval went, and how the embryos/PGD testing went/is going. He replied (they are so friendly i love it!) and said the retrieval went well, but he doesnt know anything regarding the embryos, and that he would let me know when he does! Fingers crossed for at least to great quality baby boy embryos lol!!

In case you were wondering, this will be a frozen transfer :)

I will maybe do another update in a week (2 max).


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