Friday, October 29, 2010

Midmorning Ramble

I feel the need to make more of a list sort through all the things on my here it goes:

  • I am glad my 6 week post partum checkup is done and overwith... and that she approved me for more pregnancies and surrogacy.
  • I wonder what the surgical group thinks of me for not showing for an appt twice for my breast lump.
  • I feel so irresponsible lately.
  • Will this baby ever sleep in his crib!? Our shoulders and necks are killing us!
  • I wonder when I will make another/upload video...
  • Blake seems to be throwing more tantrums lately...and listening less :(
  • Holy bills.
  • $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$.....can we please have some??
  • Blake please stop shredding toilet paper. again.
  • Trick or treat... we didnt go crazy with costumes this fact blake has a pumpkin sweater and jordan has none. I feel guilty. But theres just so much going on...but still- see bullet #3
  • When will I ever be dressed and showered before 5pm? Im sick of being in my underwear all day but I cant stand wearing clean clothes before I get a shower.
  • I need to start exercising
  • My dream last night was very creepy.
  • Our house is a nightmare. But instead I do this.
  • I miss our cats. But I also am 100% certain we did everything within reason we could have before taking them to the shelter. And spent tons of money. None of it worked :( and no one wanted them in the ads and through people we know.
  • I need to call the humane league to make sure they are even being put up for adoption.
  • UGH we have to take care of that stupid title transfer saturday. 
  • We need to visit our grandparents.

Well... there is more...but Jordan is crying so gots ta go. I will make a normal blog post soon enough.


  1. Haha. Liz. I wish I was down there with you. I need a break too. I have so many of the same problems.. I wish you and tyler and blake and jordan could move up here with us, And tyler could get a job on the drilling rigs with josh. you would make alot more money and the cost of living is so much more cheaper. I need a best friend....

  2. tell me about it!! I would totally love that! whats hs job like?

  3. Well he helps with the drilling. He is outside. But they dress warm and there are special suits that are fire safe suits that help keep them warm. They get really dirty. Josh right now from what he tells me which isn't a whole lot is that he puts new casing in the hole so it doesn't collapse when the drill goes down. He is making 16.00 and hour right now. but he is at the lowest position. But he also makes 100.00 per diem a day. So he brings home almost 2500.00 every two weeks. Which is really really good up here. Josh and some other guys drive down a 2 hr. drive everyday so they can come home and be with family. He gets over time too. Its really not that bad of a job. They are working outside williamsport closer to your cabin I think. Anyways.. its an idea.

  4. thats reallly pay...sign him up! lol...whats the shifts like?

  5. I will just have to call you tonight and talk to you about it. I will see if josh with get a application. you can at least think about it. Call ya tonight.. loves.