Tuesday, October 26, 2010

My Breastfeeding Journey: The first 6 weeks.

Ah breastfeeding. There are so many ups and downs Im not sure where to begin! Well, let me just start out by saying that for the first 3-4 weeks, everytime I fed Jordan, I wanted to just get a bottle. I wanted to bottle feed SO bad. Now, it is getting so much easier and second nature. We are more efficient and it is just plain easier than bottlefeeding (like we did with Blake). I will say that at night for one of the feedings Tyler gives him a bottle mixture of formula and breastmilk... which serves us just fine. Jordan usually eats every 2 hours but sometimes waits 3. I still just want someone to feed him a bottle sometimes. mainly because I want a break from being with him 24/7. I do realize that I could pump more but to me that just takes extra time and energy that i dont have. So most of the time i just put him to the boob.

In two weeks it will be the longest my boobs have made milk. (for Blake I pumped sometimes until 8 weeks pp). I still have my doubts as to whether i will breastfeed as long as originally planned, im thinking 4-6 months instead of 18 months. i love breastfeeding and hate it at the same time... i cant believe im so mixed about it! really... i just miss my sleep. thats what most of this is about. or my independence i could have from baby for a break. but when i think about it, breastfeeding, like i said, is easier because its all already there. no scoops, measuring, microwave needed.

Jordan still projectile vomits occasionally, and spits up at every feeding at least once, but its not AS bad and we both think he is growing. He still is colicky all hours of the evening and night, but "this too shall pass". He finally takes a nuk about 95% of the time, and a bottle 98% of the time-that we actually use one. unfortunately, he still sleeps in tylers arms almost every night because he will scream otherwise, and Blake would be woken up (to me thats just not fair to him).

Well, this blog was totally unorganized but they are just things that have been in my head and needed to "write" out. hopefully i didnt bore you to tears. and by the way, this blog needs an automatic grammar/spelling/punctuation corrector so i dont have to care as much lol. As you can see though, i didnt.

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  1. WHOO-HOO!! You are a great breastfeeding mama! Keep up the good work! It is nice that Jordan will take breast and bottle. I agree with you though that I think it is MUCH easier to breastfeed. Simply lift your shirt and go! :)

    If you need some breastfeeding encouragment check out one of my new favorite blogs: www.LeakyBoob.blogspot.com