Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Birthday Tyler!!

Well, tomorrow that is.
November 1st :)
My husband will be turning 22! YEYA! haha... we are so young and yet have accomplished so much!
Feels like yesterday that we began dating.... So in honor of his birthday, Im gonna tell our story (just cause its a special occasion lol)
I was with a guy before Tyler that I was engaged to (yes, at 18 yrs old) and had an apt with. I was very unhappy, and we fought all the time, so as much as it was out of my comfort zone- I broke up with him. Even with a deposit on a reception place and my wedding gown ordered. I just COULDNT be unhappy my whole life. I knew that, but it took a LOT to make the final cut to our relationship. Back track. While we were dating He had a truck that he played around with, and needed some advice on something to do with it. So he called up an aquaintance/buddy he went to school with (but never really talked to) and asked to come over and compare something on their similar vehicles. Enter Tyler. This was when I met him the first time. I asked to use his parents bathroom, and didnt see him again til the end of summer 07 at a birthday party. it was just another hello. I didnt think anything of it. December of 07 my boyfriend and I got engaged. We started going to see tylers truck which was a racing truck come together at a garage over that winter. tyler and i became kind of friends. but i still didnt think anything of it (i was engaged!) I started hangin around there more when i was bored. tyler now tells me he thought i was gorgeous haha (yeah right) but thought i was out of his -and the guy i was with's leagues.
Then towards the end of February 2008 I finally called it quits with my ex. it was just getting ugly. nasty fights, both of us were becoming volatile. it wasnt meant to be. I still lived with him in our one bedroom apartment. my parents didnt need me moving back in, and i didnt have a job at the time, and wasnt keeping up with school. so this was rock bottom. my ex was at least nice enough to not kick me on the streets and let me stay there. sometimes just so i didnt have to sleep on the floor we woud make a barrier on the bed while we slept. Every evening Tyler and I would kind of chat on aim. Then one day I told tyler how mixed up i felt and didnt know what i wanted in life. he took a big risk (gambling with a mixed up girl) and asked if he could come pick me up, that he had to tell me something. I agreed. We drove around in his truck and finally I said look can you please tell me you are scaring me (lol).
He parked and looked me in the eyes and said i like you liz. and i think you are worth so much more than youve been treated...ive thought that the whole time ive known you. just wanted to tell you that.
I HAD NO CLUE WHAT TO SAY TO THAT. I mean after all, I didnt really know him. So I said that I wasnt sure how i felt at the moment and would like to take the time to hang out and get to know him. he thought this was fair enough (most guys hear the "just friends" thing and get impatient...but he waited for me). We hung out and finally May 19th 2008 I said we could make our dating "official". fast forward to august 15th 2008. (we had even broken up for 2 weeks in the middle of all that).


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