Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Makeup is the New Finger Paint!

So i have one hour. where blake will play in this room next to me and jordan will sleep. i realize this is my window of opportunity to get a shower and get dressed. but instead, i bring you this blog! talk about DEDICATION... lol.
so im gonna start from saturday. this past weekend was amazing (in my opinion). Jordan slept 7 hours at a stretch, and then 3, so i felt really good and rested. i took care of the boys and tyler worked that morning. he came home at 11:30. we just simply had a wonderful day of relaxation, the four of us time, and laughs!
saturday evening we got some dinner and came back to our nice smelling house (one of those glade plug ins - apple cinnamon- is who i have to thank) and went to bed. 7+3 hours later we once again felt rested (thank you Jordan!)  and got ready for the day. oh how i love sundays, because tyler is home in the AM!
Sunday was so lovely. i called my mom and asked what she was doing, because tyler gave me some spending money :D and i wanted to go to the mall. Tyler would stay home with blake, and work on the house while he napped, and i would take jordan along with me. my mom was free! YAY! i havent shopped with her in FOREVER. So we met up at the mall and the first place we went was the motherhood maternity store. because i wanted to look at nursing bras. none of them fit right, nor were comfortable. so i looked at the nursing shirts...SUCCESS... 3 brand spankin new nursing shirts... which i absolutely love, and actually feel pretty (somewhat) in. yeah, as far as nursing bras are concerned... i have three from target that i absolutely LOVE. so go there!
I sat on a bench and nursed Jordan, and then We went to Sephora and played around a little in makeup. nothing too exciting, but for me it was! i had so much fun with my mom. then came home to another relaxing evening!
Jordan slept well again into monday, and i (this was a miracle) managed to have both the boys fed and changed AND myself showered and dressed even with makeup by ten am.! I have the time change to thank for that. I woke up on the right side of the bed for once, and the day was perfect in my eyes, until lunch.
I went downstairs for 15 minutes to make myself some rice, and prepare blakes lunch. i left blake in our bedroom. usually he plays with the toys he has in a basket in there. not this time. i came happily in the door with both our lunches, and i stopped in my tracks. he had my makeup bag on the floor, everything pulled out of it and scattered, two lipsticks chopped off and lying on the carpet, and was digging his fingers into my concealor stick and wiping it all over our cream colored sheet as if it were finger paint. he has lipstick all over his mouth and teeth, and concealor covering both hands. Now, of course, this is amusing, but at the time- i was furious. especially since he ruined two somewhat expensive products i purchased the day before.
I put our food down and scolded him and slapped his hand because he continued doing it. he then sat down and wailed while i attempted to clean things up with baby wipes. Jordan begins screaming, and blake sees his food and remembers that he is hungry so he begins to bawl harder... it was a mess.
so i sat him on the bed and fed him, followed by me nursing jordan and shoving rice in my mouth at the same time. from that point on in the day blake became the brattiest kid EVER. mind you, he is getting his "canine" teeth in and this is the only time he has ever "teethed" as far as symptoms go. so i think that may have had something to do with it. either way i couldnt wait for tyler to get home. until he texted me that he was staying at work late. I then blocked out my mind, and pushed through the rest of the day trying not to think or feel...and just taking it hour by hour. it was so much better when tyler arrived, as it always is.
we didnt get as much sleep last night but still had more than we were used to. so far this morning has been somewhat smooth. except that tyler works late again, but we will manage.
even though this week was out to a rough start, i am still in awe of how happy this past weekend made me. and glad that i finally had one weekend where NOTHING went wrong... that was just.... awesome!
I will probably be doing my next post on Post Partum Depression unless of course something amusing or crazy happens between now and then. see ya!


  1. I'm sorry to say but that was the funniest thing I've ever read! I can just imagine your little guy looking at you all covered in your makeup! It sucks that you had just bought it, and I can imagine who frustrated you must have been, but like you said, you gotta step back and look at it again and its very funny and just the type of thing that little kids do! I only have a girl, but was around my nephew for the first 2 years of his life, and I understand all the things they can get into (for example, my school books that got ripped to shreds with a teething 1 year old!!) But don't you just love babys!! I don't know how you take care of TWO! I have my hands full with one!! (:
    Love reading your blogs! Very entertaining! Hope your week is just as good as your weekend!

  2. Oh dear, your poor makeup! Holly likes to go for my jewellery. I don't have much nice stuff, but the diamond necklace and earring set that Chris bought me; she snapped the necklace and lost an earring! (luckily, 4 months later I found the earring!) another fave thing of her to do, after bathtime is run into our room and snuggle in out bed. except that last time she peed on our bed. On my side! Liz, I wish I lived closer to you!