Tuesday, November 16, 2010


Im going to be doing a video about Blake (for his 20 months update) soon, but i just wanted to type up some of the cute or funny or peculiar things he does/says...

hmmm lets see... blake blake blake. he is one of the worlds funniest children in my eyes, of course. just his personality makes me laugh. he lights up so many peoples worlds.

things blake does that are unusual for a toddler:
he LOVES having his nails clipped... he will put out each individual finger for me to clip the nail when he sees me pull out the clippers.
he stands still as a statue to have his hair clipped
he LOVES when he has to take medicine and says mmmm afterwards
he has no problem with naps (thus far) and when i say nap he marches straight to his room. ( i credit lots of "sleep training" when he was a baby for that)
he gets so excited to brush his teeth... and cries when i take the toothbrush away
he likes to notify everyone when he has to poop and does it in the middle of the room with a worried look on his face (most toddlers hide)... he also sometimes wants to hold my hand much like a laboring woman when he pushes :P
he loves to blow his nose
he loves peas, because his first word was ball and we called them "balls" and ever since then he scarfs down his little green balls and loves them... he also loves green beans because he watched me eat them and say "mm"
he will eat ANYTHING .. even if he makes a face, he will try his best to eat the whole portion.
he eats VERY large quantities, and is rarely picky
we have to remind him to sip from his cup during his meal by saying blake can you take a drink? even if his mouth is so dry he can barely swallow.

Just cute stuff...
he calls Jordan "baby guy" because he couldnt say "boy" (at the time) and since then we call Jordan "Guy" all the time... like "can you put Guy in his car seat Tyler?" just casually and we dont think twice about it.. but we always have to explain it when ppl ask why we are calling him that.
we asked him the other day if he knew where Liz was and he pointed to me and tyler and he pointed to tyler...we never knew that he knew us as anything other than momma and dadda.
anything with wings is "buh uh fly" (butterfly) for instance, i was at one of my last prenatal appts during the past pregnancy, and there was halloween window decals in the waiting room. there were pumpkins and bats and witches. he ran over and made everyone there laugh by pointing at the bats and saying excidedly buhuhfly momma buhuhfly....just like snowflakes are "stars" and anything circular (even a circular dent in the wall or a hole somewhere) is "ball"
to jump, he thinks squats are the same thing (he cant get his feet off the ground) and when i say jump he will do these squats until he is so out of breath, then will stand up and look at me with concern and hold his thighs like they hurt lol.

o man i could go on and on... but i will save some for another day when Jordan isnt hungry "this second" :) hope you enjoyed

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  1. Totally made my day! I just about peed my pants imagining a toddler doing a crap like a woman in labor hehe... I'm sure he will be a very empathetic hubby one day! xxx