Wednesday, December 15, 2010

I Have Weird Dreams!!!

I know its common for people to have weird dreams every now and then... but every night?
This is a summary of my dreams over the past 5 days... does someone have an overactive imagination??

Day 1: I stole 75$ and a hat

Day 2: One of my friends from youtube got violently ill, and couldnt keep anything down, and I was desperate to get her to eat something before she perished.

Day 3: I went on a date with a person im related to :o( (ummm ew!)

Day 4: I couldnt find a parking spot at school and when i finally did it was in the very closest spot to the school entrance and i was just about to pull in when my car shut off and broke down. then a suburban whipped right into my spot. and a girl walking by said "that sucks"

Day 5: I had insatiable thirst and no matter how many cups of water i drank it wouldnt go away. Also I had a dream about crazy bugs and lizards in my house and my husband and i had to stop them before they took over...some of them were even atacking us and it was very suspensful. lol.

Any ideas as to why I have a strange dream every night, and almost always have?


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  2. ..I deleted what I wrote because it made no sense, but pretty much I understand what you're talking about! Maybe its that little voice in the back of you're head saying you're scared of those things! Or maybe you're brain is giving you some entertainment lol! who knows! I got the same dream over and over again for years, and it was a pretty grousome dream, But I always gotit because I was scared of what was going on in it! I rarely dream anymore (mainly because I never fully go to sleep) but I did have a pretty nasty dream 2 nights ago pertaining to my husband and my parents (I'll let your imagination wonder and fill in the blanket) and it was CREEPY but so funny after words!!