Thursday, December 9, 2010

Money :/, Post Partum Depression Update, and .... School?

k. money sucks. when you dont have it. lol.

when i have money, im pretty sure is DOES buy me happiness haha.

anyhow i just am really relieved to report that on the money front, tyler and i are taking some important steps in managing our money, and trying to fix things as well. It makes us feel good when we handle things appropriately. of course, im not going into personal details on here, but lets just say we are human and arent perfect, but we are certainly beginning our journey to financial freedom.

one of my confessions money-wise... is i am a wendy's addict. yeah, its a problem.

On another front, I went to see my doc about the PPD, and am happy to say that it is going well with the meds i am on, however in a few weeks she would like to see me again in case we may go up in dosage. just to get rid of that last little bit that is lingering around. One of the things i struggled with while dealing with PPD is breastfeeding. i will be doing Jordan's 3 month update and a breastfeeding update soon, as well as a video update, for those of you that prefer that blogging style.

And yet another "thing"...

January=new years resolution. Mine? To begin online schooling to get a degree... and finish my schooling for once in my life. Ive used Penn Foster before, and it is an accredited school, recognized by and ran in the state of PA and is all online. I just didnt finish it last time. like everything else. but im determined this time. im sick of being the girl who doesnt stick with things and finish things i start. What degree? you may ask....  this has yet to be finalized but i am most likely going for my associates degree in Early Childhood Ed.

That is all I have to update ya'll on, but know that there is another blog coming very soon :o)

Question of the (day) Blog post:
Have you thought about a New Years Resolution? (if not- you may wanna start... its right around the corner!) If so, what is it ?!

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  1. Something got into me last week and I came up with a HUGE list of goals for 2011! You'll have to keep an eye on my blog to find out what they are. ;)