Thursday, December 2, 2010

Oh Facebook Ads, You Continue To Amuse Me

We all see them to the right of our screen... well, facebook users anyway. But how does facebook know allll about us (or think they do?)...

Its all in the demographics, people.

For example, take Sally, who is a 35 year old single woman. Thats all she put into her facebook demographics. and so, naturally she wants hot single doctors and a hollywood drink diet. because apparently if youre 35 and single, youre also fat... and poor.

Or take me, for example, a 21 year old married mother of 2 boys... apparently, i want "free diapers for a year, really!" or "get 32 portraits for 32 percent off!". Or other recipe, homemaking, and BORING ads.

Maybe, facebook... just maybe, i want a pair of stilettos. or maybe, i like to work on cars...

another ?....

when i sign in to my hubbys facebook, to clear his messages for him since he only goes through his phone... why are his ads still "girls gone wild" and, "private chat with wild teen girls" ... apparently facebook needs to up their morals if they think that a 21 year old mom is a frumpy baby machine, but a 21 year old dad didnt have enough sizzle in his life.

just a thought. thats all for today lol.

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